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JUL 02, 2013 - Sanktuary "Something Fierce"
SEP 03, 2013 - Whorecore "Headless"
NOV 30, 2013 - Fallen Joy "Inner Supremacy"

Fallen Joy - Hymn to Silent Soldiers (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

This is the main website of Willpower Entertainment; your new home for the best that the underground metal community has to offer. Metal is our business and business is fucking good.

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Willpower Entertainment fights for those who cannot fight for themselves. We have a STRONG connection to the global community that transcends metal. Human Rights Watch is one of our favorite organizations and we do everything we can for them. So please, give what you can, and help us save some lives. Who knows, your donation could help save a future Lamb of God fan. Hilarious jokes aside, they could really use our help. Helping those less fortunate is a responsibility that we all share.

Human Rights Watch: Main Website


Willpower Entertainment has partnered with Unquiet Records in Poland to release Banisher's newest album, "Scarcity" globally. Be sure to find them on Facebook, show your support by giving them a "Like" and helping us, to help them spread the metal. We're all in this together.

Unquiet Records is on Facebook: Unquiet Records


*Bands interested in obtaining distribution with 24 Hour Distribution may apply at the link below. 24 Hour Distribution is the only distributor that Willpower Entertainment works with and they have proven themselves again and again. You're not going to find anyone better.

Their website is here: 24 Hour Distribution


*Willpower Entertainment has partnered with Earbits Radio to bring you our entire catalog, as well as access to over 100,000 other songs! Listen to us and discover new music on Earbits for FREE!

Their website is here: Free Online Radio

* The blistering debut album from Power Thrashers, Edge of Attack is now available!

Edge of Attack is a Canadian metal band fusing old-school thrash and power metal with a modern edge. Shredding guitars, haunting vocals, and furious drumming are Edge of Attack's stamp of authority.

---> Edge of Attack Bandcamp <---

Look for the physical album in stores worldwide on March 12th, 2013!!!

* On July 5th and 6th, 2012 in Halifax, Canada, the label hosted our first annual "Spread the Metal Festival" with 100% of ticket sales after expenses going to the Heart and Stroke Foundation! KATAKLYSM headlined the first night and MORBID ANGEL came in for the second night! Supporting those metal legends were Blackguard and Cryptopsy respectively, and opening for them were be 12 other awesome bands! In the end, we gave the HSF a total of $529.97! Not enough, but it's more than they had!

---> Spread the Metal Festival <---
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