Ron Paul Wins Debate but Republicans Won’t Gamble on Him

Ron Paul clearly won the Republican presidential debate last night held in New Hampshire. Viewers were asked to text in their thoughts on who won the debate, Ron Paul received 34%, Giuliani 17%, all others lower. Fred Thompson who did not appear at the debate was clearly the largest loser as his pro-war stance and Republican hardline talking points seem to be not what the people are looking for.

Sean Hannity, Fox News pundit, was clearly upset with the results and deliberately ridiculed Congressman Ron Paul. Although outpacing all other candidates by a 2-1 margin, it was clear that Chris Wallace and Brit Hume had tones of sarcasm when talking of Ron Paul. Giving absolutely no credence to Cong. Paul’s responses, they even cut off his answer in a heated exchange between Paul and Huckabee, then declaring that Huckabee won the debate on that point.

Ron Paul demonstrated last night that he is the only Republican candidate that gives any thought to issues and his answers, all others gave stock replies and mostly followed the party line.

If Republicans have any hope of showing they have a chance in the 2008 presidential election by presenting a candidate that truly cares about America and has a vision for the future, Ron Paul is their only choice.

With all the spin that went on at Fox News regarding this debate, it is clear that conservative right wingers do not want Paul in the race. He is the only Republican candidate that appears to be truthful, insightful, and has a clear vision. He blames the neocons for hijacking the Republican party, changing the US from a country that others wanted to emulate, to one that is hated and feared.

With Mike Huckabee receiving only 15% of viewer support, Fox declared him the victor, regardless that their own poll showed Paul with 34%.

Giuliani, Romney, Tancredo and the others proved last night that they are not free thinkers and are clearly trying to garner the support of Bush’s support base.

As Republicans are seeking to find someone that might be able to stand up to Hillary, Barrack, or John, they are most certainly destroying their only chance, their only hope of even having a decent showing in 2008 by ripping apart the only contender that can reach across party lines and offer a real competition.


Ron Paul is demonstrating to the moderates and independents that he is the candidate of choice, there is no spin from Ron Paul, he calls it as he sees it and his ideas are similar to most true Americans.