Roulette words to learn easier

If you are tired of playing the same old casino game, it may be time for you to try roulette. But before you rush to the roulette table, you should learn a few things about this game. For that reason, read the words below and study their meaning. By doing so, you will learn the game faster and enjoy the game more.

Underground splice – is a casino or gambling house that has no license to operate. The casino’s worldwide need to ensure the proper license first before they start their operation. Stay away from playing roulette in illegal casinos. The force of the police can raid the day that the establishment and you might be in it. Not only will you face humiliation but you will not be able to get your money out of that casino once the raid happens.

Vic – another term for the loser, or the victim. This is someone who always loses another player or the house. He is someone with whom the other players or the house wants to play because they earn a lot of money from him.

Vigorish – what the casino gets for each bet, whatever the cost whether the house wins or not. Roulette players know this by the term of the juice because it is what you play the casino out of the players – win or lose.

Visual wheel tracking – the ability of a roulette player to decipher where the ball will land on the roulette wheel just by looking at it as it circles the wheel.

Wager – A roulette player can refer to your bet as a wager. This is the amount of money he is willing to risk winning or losing.

Wheel – This is the most common term for the roulette wheel. So, when you are talking with friends who play roulette, you can just use the word wheel instead of the roulette wheel.

The wheel jumps – often, casino rules require you to play roulette using chips instead of money. If in poker, you have poker chips, in roulette, you have wheel chips.

Wheel recording – is determining the next result of the turn by observing or studying the wheel. The recording of the wheel can be done just by observing the patterns of results, or by recording and computing the speed of the roulette wheel.

Wheel Roll – The casino employee, who spins the roulette wheel, throws the roulette ball and handles the bets made on the roulette table. If in poker we have the poker dealer, in roulette, we have the wheel roller.